Still time to plant winter window boxes

It’s been a mild winter season so far, but there is still time if you haven’t had your boxes and pots planted up. Also a great time to plant up bulbs underneath your arrangements for colourful spring pop-ups.

Ornamental cabbage has been a big hit again this winter, with heathers and berries.

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Not so spring like today

I missed my opportunity planting in the sun, i should have planted my window boxes yesterday. Today has gone back to winter and it feels cold outside. i will venture out later on to plant my edible window box containing thyme, oregano and chives plus some primroses for colour. The floral window boxes have purple polyanthus. I am sure these new editions will brighten up the terrace.


Spring is in the air! All those beautiful yellow daffodil bulbs are now sprouting.

Yellow works really well with a variety of colours such as purple, white, and even pink.

Team your daffodils with primroses and polyanthus, violas and other bulbs flowers such as sweet smelling hyacinths.

Autumn / Winter Planting

Autumn/winter has been a busy season. Most popular has been the ornamental cabbages. They look so contemporary and elegant, mixed with heathers, berries or flowers they make a great statement.


Flower choices for February. Primroses and polyanthus, violas and pansies all available in a variety of colours. It is bulb season too so although they do not last long, they make a lovely addition to your pots. Read Full Post »

Weatherproof Art

Brighten up a plain or ugly wall, fence or railing with a piece of weatherproof art. Transform your garden, terrace and view. Look out onto a Marrakesh market, a Barcelona mosaic or a view of Provence, the choice is yours. Read Full Post »